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How NBC Sports Supports The Most Popular Media Events Online?

NBC Sports is swiftly progressing towards becoming the biggest sports network in the US. NBC Sports have broadcasting rights of almost every major sporting event that happens in the States.

With a large repertoire of content and user base, there is nothing, which can stop NBC Sports from becoming the most versatile sports app in the world. NBC Activate Sports Digital has recently joined hands with Acquia to cover more than 30,000 sports events every year, which include some of the most watched events in the history of the internet.

You will be excited to know that a majority of Acquia’s customers have hundreds or thousands of sites that differ in terms of functionality, scale, complexity, and longevity.

While there are many interesting things about Acquia, but one that is extremely unique about it is its ability to help organizations scale from tiny to large, one to many and coupled to decoupled. With a great uniqueness in terms of flexibility and scalability, companies are allowed to standardize on a single platform we all know as the internet.

Standardizing on a single web platform is not going to remove the complications from having to manage dozens of varied technology stacks and teams, but will also enable organizations to innovate at a greater speed.

One fine example of this innovation is NBC Sports Digital because this network has to manage more than 30,000 sporting events every year and take care of a high number of viewers that watch those events each time.

Last year, NBC Sports Digital got the support of Acquia by providing the users with excellent coverage of the Super Bowl LII, 2018 World Cup and Pyeongchang Winter Games. If you want to go into figures, then those are also staggering, as the network streamed over 4.37 billion live minutes of video, serving 93 million unique users and streamed 721 million minutes to desktop users. These are not normal figures, but some extraordinary ones, which display the popularity of the network among the users.

If you want more information regarding Acquia, and how it helps NBC Sports Digital deliver 10,000 plus sports events every year, then you must subscribe to the service.

There are not many organizations, which entertain a high number of audiences, but NBC Sports has the ability to serve 100 million viewers. If you are looking to watch all those sporting events, then you will have to subscribe to NBC Sports. For that, it is better if you have a streaming device at home on which you can stream high-quality content easily.

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