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How To get the answers to all you NBC sports set up questions?

This post is dedicated to the ones who want to know about NBC sports apps and NBC sports Gold. If you have no idea what they are and if you’re going to clarify a lot of issues related to Kodi, this blog is for you. Let’s get started.

General guidelines:

The NBC sports gold is a streaming service that you purchase online from the NBC Sports Group. If you are buying this, you wouldn’t have to worry about the cable TV package. But the NBC sports App is a part that is included in the cable TV package. To get the NBC sports app, you have to pay for the package. So, you have to decide the most suitable option based on your preferences.

If you prefer NBC sports Gold, how can you purchase it? To purchase NBC sports gold subscription, you have to visit the website at and pick your choice by clicking the icon that says buy now.  Once you have subscribed, you will have access to all the platforms that support the NBC sports gold. If you want to enjoy these perks, you can purchase the subscription.

But, how much does it cost? There are different sports pass available on NBC sports gold so you would have to check the price by visiting their official website at You should note that the cost will vary based on the sports pass that you have picked. If you are lucky, you might find discounts and seasonal offers when purchasing the sports pass. On the other hand, if you want to find information related to sports event schedules you have to visit the website section at

Another common issue faced by many people is whether they can use NBC Activate if they are not residing in the USA. Well, it varies on the subscription that you have picked. You can find more details by visiting the website at to know the geolocation restrictions.

There are some doubts related in-app purchase, well, NBC sports Gold does not support this feature at the moment. If you want to purchase you must visit the website at and buy the subscription, and by using the credentials, you can log in from the supported devices.

The optimal system requirement when using NBC sports Gold differs based on the device. So, iPad services and iPhones that have the capacity of iOS 8.0 and more will support NBC sports Gold. The Android and tablet device that run over 4.1 jellybeans will also support NBC Com Activate. If you want to get the best use of NBC sports Gold your device must have the upgraded system.


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