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NBC Sports Have Added ‘Snow Pass’ To Its Hyper-Specific Streaming Options

NBC Sports has brought a ‘Snow Pass’ for its subscribers, which will allow them to watch 700 hours of snowboarding and skiing. The feature is going to be available in April of 2019, so within a matter of a couple of months, users will be able to enjoy incredible winter sports.

NBC Sports is betting big on ‘Snow Pass’ because it is going to present users with certain sporting events, which users don’t get to see on too many platforms.

NBC Sports ‘Snow Pass’ is a hyper-specific sports streaming package that is available on NBC Sports Gold. With this pass, you will get more than 700 hours of live coverage of the popular winter sports, which include snowboarding, biathlon, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined and alpine. This incredible package is available for $69.99 and will be available from April 2019. However, the thing is that this package is available for US subscribers.

With NBC already has its Olympic channel on cable, it becomes a good option for the company to come up with winter sports content on NBC Sports Gold Activate

Prior to Snow Pass news, NBC had figure skating and speed skating packages for its subscribers.

The streaming plan offered by NBC has exclusive rights to all International Ski Federation (FIS) events that will take place in Austria, whereas the Snow Pass coverage of the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup races is going to begin on October 27. With the Snow Pass, you will also be able to watch every stop that remains of the WC season for each of the seven sports, which include live and on-demand coverage.

NBC Sports has made a lot of changes in the recent times, which has turned things a lot more exciting for the subscribers because they now know that NBC Sports will present them with the sports events that they really want to see.

The news of Snow Pass came alongside GOLFTV streaming package news, which has been launched by Discovery and the PGA Tour. There are certain sports packages, which are not new, but the content included in the packages are certainly new. NBC Sports Gold is one such package that offers a dozen focused packages, including Premier League. The company will also launch a few team-centric packages in the days to come, so if you are a subscriber of NBC Sports, then you will definitely love to see as to what is in the offing for you.

If you want to subscribe to Snow Pass service, but are not able to do so, then you should get in touch with NBC Sports support provider as they will assist you with taking the subscription of NBC Sports ‘Snow Pass’ service.

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