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NBC Sports Launches GolfPass Subscription Service With Rory Mcllroy

NBC Sports Launches

NBC Sports’ Golf Channel has joined hands with four-time major champion Rory McIlroy to begin the subscription service that is going to give the customers one round of golf a month. What this means is, it will give more than 4,000 hours of instructional videos along discounts at clubs and resorts.

GolfPass, which NBC is going to launch this week, and it will cost $9.99 per month or $99 per year. This particular app is designed for those golf fanatics who play golf but want to make use of an additional incentive to hit the links.

With the launch of this app, NBC is looking to garner revenue besides the conventional pay-TV bundle. The company is going to experiment with a direct-to-consumer description. NBC dedicated golf app named ‘GolfPass’ has a lot of features similar to Netflix, but I still believe that the app resembles Amazon Prime more than anything else.

Executive Vice-President of the Golf Channel, Will McIntosh has told in a press briefing in New York that the purpose of launching the app is to encourage golf lovers to play more golf along with giving them a number of exciting viewing options.

He further said that the GolfPass is basically the second version of the golf channel, i.e., Golf Channel 2.0. If someone is starting a golf business, then he/she wouldn’t do a 24/7 TV station or network that was a norm a couple of decades ago.

Now, let’s talk about the products included in the package, then users will get a round of golf every month at one of 7,000 global golf courses that are associated with online booking company GolfNow, a company that is owned by NBCUniversal.

Users will also receive 12 golf balls from TaylorMade, which is a major equipment provider for Mcllroy. Along with that, users will get a wide assortment of discounts on golf resorts, accessories, and apparels.

The golfpass app will not be able to broadcast any live event, which may be considered as a drawback. But, users will be able to access archived rounds along with 4,000+ on-demand instruction videos, which include videos from Mcllroy and his coach, Michael Bannon.

Those who are interested in getting the GolfPass+, which is the premium membership of the service, then they will have to shell out $199 per year. They will be able to get additional benefits like extra discounts, waived booking fees, and protection against cancellation.

Discovery and Tiger Woods have also announced a media partnership a couple of months ago through GolfTV, which is owned by Discovery. This platform is going to provide users with access to all behind-the-scenes to Woods and instructional videos from this legendary golfer. Mcllroy was the PGA player in 2012 and 2014 didn’t like the concept because of the installation of more cameras at the tournament, which he termed as ‘intrusive’.

Mcllroy said that when he is at golf tournaments, he totally devotes his time at the tournaments. Then, nothing can deviate his attention from the tournaments. He further said that he will provide as much content as one would like, but at the same time, he is trying to win the tournaments and cement his legacy by winning the revered tournaments in the world.

Mcllroy is going to deliver autobiographical and instructional videos for GolfPass along with co-hosting an exclusive GolfPass podcast, which he will do with Carson Daly. The podcast will be once-in-a-month kind of show. Despite being indulged into so many activities, he believes that his training is not going to be affected at all.

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