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NBC Sports Launches ‘My Teams’ App For Sports Lovers

NBC is transforming the way sporting events are watched in the US. Back in the day, whenever the match of Phillies, Flyers or Sixers was broadcasted on the TV, the only way of watching it was through logging into the NBC Sports Philadelphia via a cable service provider and stream the games on laptops.

However, things have changed since 2014 when it became possible for users to stream games directly on the NBC Sports app. Along with that, there was a new service that allows users to stream local non-game footage from locations where the service is not primarily available.

The service is called ‘My Teams app’, NBC Sports’ new app for smartphones and tablets brings the coverage from NBC 11 regional sports networks, which includes NBC Sports Philadelphia, into an interface that primarily focuses on team verticals.

The app doesn’t have a home screen, but you will only find a slider at the bottom of the screen, which is going to allow the fans to scan for live videos, stories, and highlights of all teams from which, they can choose a team that they follow.

NBC has a unique way of covering sports in Philadelphia because the type of voice and tone used by the company while covering a match makes it enticing for fans. This unique approach to stay connected to the Philly fans is what makes things a lot interesting.

However, fans are still going to subscribe to a cable network in order to watch live game coverage. When it comes to the app, then that is only available on smartphones and tablets, which means, viewers will need it to stream games on their TV sets.

NBC Sports App is the biggest non-game investment in the history of a regional sports network. The network is positive that the NBC Sports app is going to change the narrative in Philadelphia in which it is being told to viewers that NBC Com Activate Sports is cutting back.

The only concern for users is regarding the status of the app, whether it will be a part of NBC Sports app or will it be a totally separate app just like how Facebook messenger is, which works independently of the Facebook app.

The interface of My Teams app is a bit funky as there is no real menu given in the app. There is a slider given in the app that allows users to switch between the chosen teams.

Apart from that, the app is just like any other normal app. There are no options for the Union, Temple, Villa nova or anything beyond the four major sports. Users will see toggles for breaking news and push notifications, which you can filter by the team.

The only thing that could have been fixed by the company is, instead of having two separate apps; everything could have been merged into one. By that, they mean the local element needs to be a part of the NBC Sports app where they can easily stream the games on their devices via their respective cable operator. Overall, the app is great and will help fans know everything about their favorite teams.

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