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NBC Sports Network Joined Hands With MotoAmerica Announces For 2019 Series


MotoAmerica has recently made an announcement regarding one of its most comprehensive television and digital programming package in the 5-year history of the series. MotoAmerica has joined hands with NBC Sports Network, and this association has got NBC Sports Network with a splendid deal in which the network will be able to air 22 hours of racing highlights along with top features. The network will be able to air the content following each of the ten rounds that take place in 2019 MotoAmerica.
NBC Sports will air hour-long shows has been given the title of ‘Inside MotoAmerica’. In these shows, all the highlights pertaining to on-track action will be provided to the viewers along with an in-depth analysis of the action that took place on the track. Viewers will also be able to enjoy the interviews and features from previous weekends’ rounds.
NBCSN is going to produce around eleven shows, which is why NBC Sports Group has dedicated round-the-clock linear sports network for this event. Every show is going to be re-aired at a later date, which will take the total coverage from 11 hours to 22 hours.
MotoAmerica President, Mr. Wayne Rainey has issued a statement in which he said that the company is thrilled to announce a big part of what they believe is going to be the most entertaining motorcycle racing content available on the market right now.
He also thanked NBC Sports for showing their interest in the MotoAmerica series and said, they are eagerly waiting to showcase their racing, personalities and MotoAmerica lifestyle to their fans, which include old fans and the new ones. He said that the company is positive that the show will be received in a positive way by the fans, the teams taking part in the event, the sponsors and racers. MotoAmerica is waiting to get the season started.
Even NBC Sports Group Senior Director, Mr. Jeff Macaluso has issued a statement in which he said that they are super excited to add ‘Inside MotoAmerica’ to their ever-expanding motorsports lineup on NBC Sports Network. With that, NBC Sports is going to keep delivering the most comprehensive portfolio of racing coverage to all the viewers spreading in different states of the country.
It will be interesting to see as to what MotoAmerica 2019 event will have in the offing for the viewers. However, NBCSN is going to leave no stone unturned to make the event a success because the company knows how to retain its existing customers and make new ones.

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