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Thorough Observation By NBC Sports To Cover NHL Sound Live And Follow-Up Special

NHL Sound live

Continuing with the deep and friendly coverage by NBC Sports for All-star weekend, tomorrow 2019 Coors Light  NHL stadium series that is going to be played between Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers on NBC will have more than dozens of officials, coaches, and players. Apart from this, the audio will be released for hour-long special. The stadium series will commence on March 5, 2019, at 11:30 PM followed by coverage of Minnesota Vs Nashville predators.

Two referees and coaches from both the teams will be connected to sound during the match and the same audio will be used for broadcast on NBC. Fans can catch the sounds of players through NBC live series.

According to Karl Malone, there is no need to approach player personally for player Mic and there is no botheration of changing the batteries of Mic. The transmitter will be placed in the shoulder pad of player and can be controlled remotely from CM on the laptop.

Our main concern was to lessen the degree of physical contact between player and mic. We can change the batteries, gain, and frequency of Mic without disturbing the player. The safety of a player is our primary concern.

The feedback from 12 Mics will be received through modular receivers overlooking the ice. The receivers that are lactrosonics in nature receive the data through Hydra IO and send to the truck console where the NBC sports head will check the quality and enhance it through dynamic processing such as compression before feeding to the router.

NBC Sports will record local again on Joeco Multitrack and feed to medium speed 5500 video servers to record the records with eight Audio channels. According to Malone, this event is special due to a number of audio sources included.

 He said I have never seen personal mics for any athlete before. It is difficult to blend 12 mics altogether. You may miss some conversations on iso-camera records. At the same time, the privacy and security of the athlete is a must. This is why we are making a whole hour-long show around the content.

At the stadium, NBC Sports will install 6 two-person ENG camera crews with audio focusing wired players, referees, and coaches. Each ENG crew will be given the responsibility to control 3 wired participants. ENG 2 will provide the receiving frequency to the camera with mic feedbacks as a backup to other records.

From the Venue, NBS sports will send the transmission feed along with the RF mics on independent channels to CT, master room, where login has taken place and editors edit the highlight clips.

This is one of the most innovate coverage by NBC Sports team. The company is going to deliver first-of-its-kind player tracking technology in real time to online fans.

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