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Why NBC Sports App Can’t Cover Premier League Games On Windows 10 And Xbox One?

Why NBC Sports App Can’t Cover Premier League Games

NBC Sports may have broadcasted hundreds of sporting events, but it lacks one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world, i.e., ‘Premier League’. There is no doubt upon the fact that the Premier League is among the most watched sporting event not just in the US, but also in other parts of the world.

If you have downloaded NBC Sports app on your computer that operates on Windows 10 or if you are using the app on Xbox One, then you will not be able to watch the most premium football league in the world, ‘The Premier League’.

NBC Sports app is the new name of a popular service launched by NBC by the name of NBC Sports Live Extra. With this app, soccer fans in the US were able to stream each and every game of the Premier League season on their computers, game consoles, smartphones, Roku and other over-the-top devices.

NBC Sports app can work on Windows 10, but even then, it won’t broadcast Premier League games, although you will be able to watch Olympics and other major sporting events without any issue.

When users first found that they aren’t able to Premier League games, they were furious and they shared their frustration on different social media platforms. The NBC app for Windows 10 can be downloaded free of cost.

Moreover, the app is available on tablets and Xbox One Game Console as well, so if you want to access the NBC Sports app on multiple devices, then you have the option of doing it. NBC Sports app also work on Windows 10 mobile as well, so if you have a smartphone that runs on Windows 10 OS, then you can download NBC Sports app on that device as well.

The NBC Sports spokesperson said in an interview that NBC Sports App’s coverage of the world’s most popular domestic soccer league, i.e., ‘Premier League’ does not support Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms, but the company is working to bring the event to both platforms as soon as possible.

The statement made by NBC Sports spokesperson is relieving, but many fans are not appeased with the statement because the company has not defined a specific time as to when the app will be available on Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms. It is important that NBC authorities tell a date to the people so that they can make their arrangements accordingly. The coverage of Premier League is going to appear on Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is quite ironic as that is completely a Microsoft platform, yet offering coverage of Premier League.

Where to watch Premier League on NBC Sports App?

If you are not able to watch Premier League on NBC Sports app that you have installed on Windows 10 computer or Xbox One, then you can buy Roku Streaming Stick and download the app on this device.

You will have to subscribe to NBCSN and CNBC through your TV provider and then, you will be able to watch Premier League games on your Roku device. There are other devices as well, such as Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV and Stick, as the app is available on both platforms.

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