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Why There Are Two Official NBC Sports Apps On Google Play Store?

NBC Sports Activate

NBC Sports app is among the most downloaded apps on iOS as well as Google Play Store. The app has been there on the app market for quite some time, and in its duration, there have been more than 5 million downloads of the app. After downloading the NBC Sports app, you can log in with your TV provider credentials and watch your favorite sporting action that is aired on NBC.

Those who are sports fanatics know how great NBC Sports app is. A few days ago, a new app appeared on the listing, having the same name as that of NBC Sports along with a similar kind of description. The app was published by NBC, but it is not sure as to why NBC would release two apps with the same name and similar description. Is it a glitch or a move made deliberately? Only NBC can tell more about it and users will definitely ask the company about two apps with the same name and description.

The old ‘NBC Sports’ app, which millions of people are using as you read this post is not liked much. What makes us write that is the ratings given by most of the viewers. Out of 84,000 reviewers, 24,000 have given a 1-star rating to the app, which is not good for the company, seeing its high reputation in all parts of the world.

The new app is also following the trails of the old app, which means, it is also not working great either. It hasn’t got many reviews yet, but the ones that are there are negative. Some users have explained the low ratings that they have given in which they said that the app refuses to launch. No matter how much they try, the app fails to open, when all other apps on the AP Team can easily open.

It seems like NBC Activate has published the Android TV version of NBC Sports app on Google Play Store, which people have downloaded on their mobile devices. It can be considered as an accident, which NBC will regret for a long time. The app is not available on Android TV, so how we were able to find out if the app was made for Android TV is due to the landscape-only layout, which confirms that the app was meant to be accessed on the TV.

If you are able to open the app on your mobile device, you will receive a prompt in which you are told to scan a QR code using your phone during setup. In a nutshell, we can only say that everything has been messed up by NBC and the company will have to pay a price for it.

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